5 Step Recruiting Process

1. Initial Phone Screen - First we spend 45 minutes to an hour conducting an initial phone screen. We have the candidate take us through their background focusing on life and work experience to determine if their intangibles and experience fit your profile.

2. Candidate Must Follow Up - Candidate must follow up aggressively. We ask that the candidate send us a word copy of their resume and call us to set up the next interview.

3. Face to face meeting or second phone screen - At this point we spend additional time “digging in” to find the candidates true character and motivation.

4. The candidate is presented with the opportunity - Once the candidate is qualified we present them with the client opportunity that they are most suited for. We give them a detailed description of the position and we let them know that the position is very challenging and that hard work and dedication are the keys to success

5. Candidate is instructed to research the company and follow up - Again, the candidate must follow up aggressively and convince us that he/she is interested in the position