Our Focus


Top Clients
When we evaluate whether to work with a potential client we begin with one question. Is this an attractive opportunity to A-level candidates? We have a simple philosophy on this one. If you are going to spend serious hours representing a company you had better believe in the opportunity.

Advance your career
A major part of our evaluation process is centered around determining if an opportunity will advance your career. Our sales recruiters believe a good fit in a career must have the following 2 qualities. First, the opportunity should be a step up in responsibility, pay or sophistication of the sale. Second, the opportunity needs to have long-term potential. Whether you stay with the company or decide to move on five years from now did this opportunity build your resume?

You can be confident sharing your resume with us. Our sales recruiters strive to honor the trust that you place in us when we help you with your career search. Few things are as important as your ability to earn a living.

When we represent an opportunity we do everything we can to fairly and accurately represent the potential and challenges of the position. Nothing is worse than winning and starting a new job only to discover negative surprises about the position. Our sales recruiters believe that reducing sales force turnover begins by setting accurate expectations about the position before it even begins.